La profesión contable: desempeñar un papel positivo en la lucha contra la corrupción.

“Corruption is a severe impediment to sustainable economic,
political, and social progress for countries at all levels
of development…This underscores the importance of
intensifying efforts to improve governance frameworks and
strengthen actions to improve the prevention, detection,
and sanctioning of corruption. Any effort to fight corruption
requires a holistic and coordinated approach.”
– Putting an End to Corruption, Org

Over the last two years, IFAC has commissioned the independent Centre for Economics & Business
Research (Cebr) to analyze our membership data, and to examine the accountancy profession’s role
in society.
The Accountancy Profession—Playing a Positive Role Tackling Corruption is the third report in this series
and provides a snapshot of the accountancy profession’s role in the global fight against corruption.
The first report, Nexus 1: The Accountancy Profession, Behind the Numbers, highlights the
importance of professional accountants to growing economies, and compared the profession’s growth
with total employment growth within regions. The overall picture showed a profession in demand,
growing steadily, and making significant contributions to all areas of society.
The second report, Nexus 2: The Accountancy Profession—A Global Value-Add, provides a snapshot
of the accountancy profession’s economic contribution to the global economy, and to society